Birthing Your Power

Birthing is not innate, Not in this Modern World

Our instincts may be masked and crushed

We may find ourselves being processed

Our questions being hushed.

For many women birth is something they Survive

A life event without honour or joy

It is enough to just get through

with a healthy girl or boy.

For some Birth is transformation

A life event to be embraced and held

She roars with a fire deep within

Determined not to be quelled

Then there are those whose birth instinct comes forth

With a sense of calm and power

She is inward and deeply aware

As she blooms like a flower.

Each woman is full of birthing potential

Within all women lies the chance

To unleash the goddess within

And experience the birth dance

Be Informed, Be Honoured, Be Respected,

This life event is not “just a day”

You deserve to come into your power

And birth in your own way.

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