The voluntary human extinction movement

A poem of vehmnent bemusement inspired by this article


“Stop having kids” say VHEMT,

With obvious narcissistic intent,

“Enjoy your long life full of pleasures

Using up all Earth’s natural treasures,

No need to change your unethical ways

Or your environmentally destructive sways

Live big, free of burden and responsibility

Who cares about generational liability!”

The passion of this self centred movement

And it’s unbridled deludement

Has nothing to do with saving the Earth

Or helping the people across it’s round girth,

Forget Homo mutante ever evolving

For VHEMT sees humanity disolving

And as for the future jobs

To support the old ages of these knobs,

They prefer robots to fulfill all they desire

Until the  day they expire.

How do they imagine the last days,

Of the last person to feel the sun’s rays?

Will the person be incinerated,

By a sun now unabated?

Perched on the last peak of dirt

By a dead acid sea girt?

Or will the last of this movement realise,

With ironic surprise,

Though alone they might be

There’s still humanity

And they strive to make the world well

Without need to toll humanity’s bell.










2 thoughts on “The voluntary human extinction movement”

  1. It seems to me that you haven’t really paid attention to anything VHEMT actually says. Unfortunately, our current human overpopulation problem is indeed the main cause of environmental degradation, starting with the advent of agriculture 10,000. Every attempt at making the world “better” has only caused more problems. Just like individual humans themselves, empty calories have made our population grow big and bloated but unhealthy.

    It is much more “narcissistic” to bring more and more children into our world against their will. How is it selfish to spare little babies a life of lung cancer and heart disease? No matter how “responsible” anyone tries to be, Earth is already overstressed by our species, and only a reduction in human activity will fix that. Everyone has their day, but every day also has its end. Both overpopulation and extinction are part of Earth’s natural cycle.

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