This fish has no bike

There once was a fish with no bike

red betta fish

Which is what a manless woman is like,

But the powers that be

Don’t like that she’s free

And so called her spinster or dyke.

Now one word was reclaimed from a slur,

For the joy of Her for Her,

greyscale photo of day of the dead corpse bride

But the other stays bad

For She must be so sad

To be without a partner called Sir.

And so a new term was created*,

By one happy to be unmated,

but is this a Joke?

She must want a bloke!

How dare she be so elated!

shallow focus photo of road sign on pole

When the tables are turned to the fellas,

we celebrate the batching of bellas

What a man, what a catch!

Is He who doth batch,

Forgetting the incels in cellars.

Seems that some men don’t rise up to the expected

So end up feeling rejected

For entitled they are

activity adult bait blur

To be The Star

In a relationship to be directed.

The self-partnering woman’s no dish,

Despite what the incel would wish

The world owes them naught

They need to be taught

That a bicycle does not need a fish.

*that new term is ‘self-partnered’, which is an alternative to ‘single’ or ‘unmarried’

(inspired by

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