Three Coins

Three coins for luck, ironically.

Three Coins tossed for safe flight

Three coins was all it took,

Three coins became a plight.

Superstition became suspicion

A Mother-in-law obeyed,

A dangerous wish

And a flight that was delayed.

Innocent or ignorant?

A single coin would be enough

Said an aviation professor

For the engine to be stuffed,

The misguided belief and wish for luck

Could have been disaster

Exactly the opposite thing

The wishful folk were after.

(inspired by this article)

This news report got me thinking, The fears and Beliefs we hold often led us to behave in a way that become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Rather than trusting or accepting the process, we seek to take measures that are devoid of responsibility but make us feel better.

Sometimes our action are dangerous.

Knowledge is Power.

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