‘Tis the Season…

My ‘Bah Humbug!’ post (from Nov 24) reflects my feelings towards the very commercial christmas.

For this reason, Santa does not feature in our parenting.  Our children are aware of the ‘game’.  They know the appearance of ‘santas’ means that Christmas is coming and that means a pretty fun and special time. They watch ‘The Polar Express’, and are familiar with Santa in popular culture (how can you not be!).  But there will be no photo taken on a Santa’s knee in a shopping centre.

Our celebrations will be full of love, laughter, special food, and music.

We have agreed, as parents, that we would like to instil a sense of wonder for this time of year; to capture the love, laughter and sharing that happens and focus on that.

We will create an atmosphere of celebration, there will be music (created by us, and played on the stereo), there will be dancing and singing (If you can’t sing good – sing LOUD!).

 We mark the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.  This is a time to connect to the Earth, to recognise our reliance on the Sun and the Cycle of Seasons.

Celebrations such as these are important for grounding and centering us.  They help develop our morals and sense of purpose.

I love that we live in a society where we have the freedom to develop and establish our own rituals, our own sense of celebration.  We are all different, and will recognise special times in different ways.  Whether it is the passing of a loved one, birthdays, anniversaries, births, marriages, coming-of-age, or events such as Christmas.

I hope you are safe and filled will love and light throughout this festive season.

I hope you have Joy in your heart and the Freedom to express yourself.

In whatever way you choose.

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