Tuning In

The fuzzy sounds in my head

Tell me how you should be fed

but the rules contradict the voice inside

and so I felt I had to hide

The signposts declared One Way

Seems I didn’t get a say

A stupid female – what would I know

Here is your line to tow.

But that fuzzy voice got loud

As it tried to get above the crowd

And then it started to clear

And suddenly it was all I could hear,

This voice in side me became strong

and I knew I wasn’t wrong

I’d found my way and all was calm

Tuning in became the charm

And as the voice got even stronger

I found I worried no longer,

And the voice was more than a spoken word,

But a Song could now be heard,

This song inside me rang out true,

and I soon found it matched a few,

And together a chorus began

And in support we sang

So listen carefully within

and let your inner voice sing

And soon you’ll hear the chorus song

And find the place you can belong.


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