Two roads. Robert Frost and The Birth Map.

Freewill or determinism?

Regret or celebration?

When faced with two options, the sliding doors if you like, we may wonder ‘what if’…what if I had chosen the other path?

We’d have met different people. Had different experiences.  Found out different things. We would be a different person, potentially.

Birthing without a Birth Map is like wandering through a wood taking random paths…based on just what we can see at the moment we reach the fork in the road.  Sometimes we may pass by a path without knowing it was there.  The paths we do take, lead to other paths, and without knowing how the paths meander, we can not know if or how paths may meet again.

Birthing with a Birth Map means knowing each path and choosing the way with full knowledge.   We know where the hidden paths are, and where they go.  We know which paths lead to something special,  and which ones have dangerous or tricky points.  Knowing what we might find along the way does not take away the magic or wonder, rather it means choosing which wonders to explore.   We may still think, what if, but we will be better able to answer that question.  And if we find our expected way blocked, we will know what the other way is like.  We may feel sad at the change, but we will understand it.

We are shaped by this journey,  which differs even if you travel the same path again, and again.  The wood changes, with time, with seasons. Who are we walking with?  How have you changed since you last walked this path?

Choosing your own path makes all the difference.


Find out about birthing mapping 

I wrote a book about it.

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