Two Sides

“I can’t understand why you left him” a comment thrown away

Perplexed I tried to grasp it, before it ruined my day,

Why would you say something so thoughtless and malignant

Surely common sense tells you – there is a reason in it.

This comment not just rude, it was also factually incorrect

It was he who did the leaving – leaving his family in neglect.

She was left to scrape together a life as best she could

Because he wouldn’t do the minimum he should.

The commentor might be charmed, as many often are

By men who repaint history, making themselves the Star.

You may see the Good Guy – because that is what he needs

His narcissistic nature on your praises feeds

You stabbed a Mother in the heart and raised the patriarchy

For the man she knows is not charming, he is snarky.

To her, he is a danger, ever present and very clear,

And his charm, heed this warning, is a thin veneer.

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