Upping the Anti…or Why is it bad to ask Questions?

I have heard the stories

I listened with open heart

My eyes with tears did glisten

and this is just the start.

Why is it bad to ask Questions?

Why is bad to try to understand?

Why does asking questions make you a bigot?

Why must some things be accepted offhand?

Why do my questions declare me ‘Anti-‘?

And is ‘anti-‘ always bad?

Why do my questions make me phobic?

And cause others to feel mad?

Why is there only One Way?

And who gets to decide which it is?

Why must that way be the One?

And discussing it causes a tsk?

Why are Questions so wrong

When ‘informed consent’ is expected?

It seems I’m not meant to decide

And my thoughts are not respected.

My heart is open, so is my mind,

But simply for asking Questions

I am declared anti, phobic or terf

and accused of causing oppressions,

I want to understand, so I ask

I want freedom to decide

I want to live in a peaceful world

Where differences exist side by side

There is No One Way, this I know

Though some things are Right, others Wrong

In the broad grey areas between

Is where the Decisions belong.

no one way

The trouble with consent

What is the capital of France?

Why aren’t more people asking why?

Trust me! I am better than you.

Polite Ticks

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