view from my bubble

It all seems from my bubble,

CLAUDIA DEA the bird reflected in bubble photo source:

That the world is in a muddle.

I recently joined twitter, so I could dance among the birds

Sharing important thoughts, through links and limited words,

I know I’m in a bubble, which is vulnerable and strong

There are many looking in, who think my thinks are wrong,

Looking out I try to understand their point of view41-1279177236-bg-bubble-gum-bird1

And wonder if their voice is mass or that of few,

Is it the voice of the masses that is right?

Or do the masses speak from a place of fright?

Have the people become agentic, as leadership  evaporates,


And our supposed leaders are boss-like in their dictates?

Media seems less autonomous and thoughts need approval,

Whilst (religious) bills pass without due perusal?

It all seems from my bubble,

That the world is in a muddle.




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