What happens when the last minute, is also the first minute?

“The time has come,” the Doctor said,
“To seek informed consent:
blah blah risks–blah blah side effects
your labour to augment
I need your ‘informed consent’ now–
sign here for this intent.”

What if when the time comes, it is not just a last minute – time critical – decision, but also a first minute – information critical – ​decision?

When we leave birth to chance – or ‘go with the flow’ – we are allowing the last minute to be the first minute. We may not be able to control the circumstances of the last minute, but when we are being asked for consent, it means we have options.  It means we are still in some control – assuming we have the ‘paddle’.  The paddle is your means to make an informed decision, to act decisively and retain control.  We need to understand where we are and what is going on…which means we need the ‘first minute’ to be one of preparation, not reaction.
When the First Minute is well before labour starts, we replace unknowns with possibilities…we can explore these and know ‘how way leads to way‘.  We give ourselves invaluable time to become informed, and to map it all out. Then, when the last minute comes, we will already know what we need to do. It’s up to you.  Leave the first minute to the last minute, or give yourself Time. 

Many people avoid ‘writing a birth plan’ because you can’t plan birth…this word ‘plan’ is a problem.
It evokes the idea that you are fixed to an order of business, or a set outcome  It implies inflexibility and rigidity, and many feel it just sets you up for disappointment.  The no-plan approach seems to suggest no preparing at all.  
Many prefer to  “go with the flow”…but whose flow?

What does going with the flow mean?

I will do as I am told? I trust my care providers to give me the info and support I need?


I will listen to my body, birth instinctually?

If you are in a hospital, your instincts may invoke a flight or fight response. Adrenaline can inhibit birth. Not all hospitals are the same, nor are all care providers.  ‘Going with the Flow’ means trusting to the lottery of life…

Do you feel lucky? Well do ya?

Is the hospital low intervention, or can you expect high intervention? 

Do you have continuity care?

Is your birth partner aware of your needs and prepared to advocate for you?

There are many variables, sure, and you can’t guarantee a particular outcome.  But the ‘going with the flow’ approach doesn’t have to mean no preparing at all.  The Birth Map allows you to go with the flow in an informed, relaxing way. It is about understanding all your options, all the possibilities.

Your birth experience shapes your mothering. 

The Birth Map, and more importantly the process of creating one, benefits you, your partner and your care provider.
The process of creating the Birth Map means you will be able to navigate with confidence.

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knowledge is power

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