What would you do?

Have you thought of your demise and the remains you leave behind?

What will happen to your bits, will there be a bind?

Will you be pull apart and your bits shared around?

Will bits be stored for science, or buried in the ground?

Will you be cremated, and scattered or interred? 

Have you written it down – or are your thoughts deferred?

How would you feel if upon your death, your sperm was extracted?

And a new life later, well past your death, was enacted?

Upon whom with these decisions, is your absolute reliance?

And can they be trusted to act with true compliance?



A health care directive contains many decisions,  for various what ifs.   Including explicit instructions regarding what will happen with your remains, beyond burial vs cremation, is very helpful.   There are ethical considerations,  and if you do not express your decisions, others will be left to decide.


Organ harvesting to donate to another human, use in medical training, or for research purposes, can be unequivocally expressed. Likewise, you may like to include your feelings about extracting genetic material,  including sperm or  eggs to be used (or not) for life creating purposes.

Leave no doubt about your decisions, whatever they may be.



Poem inspired by this article: extracting sperm from dead men


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