What’s in a Name?

I was inspired by this article on naming your child.

The author of the inspiring article suggested these eight considerations when naming your child (see the article for the detail).

1. Imagine them as Prime Minister.

2. Visualise their job application.

3. Yell it loud and bogan.

4. Pretend they are your boss.

5. Say it over the phone.

6. Do the kindergarten spelling test.

7. Will they spend their life spelling it for people?

8. Do the schoolyard challenge.

There are some good points, but also some that made me raise my eyebrows, because I do not wish for my child to become the PM, or to apply for a job where an ordinary name is an advantage.

It is partly why I do not send them to school.

The naming of a new person is a massive undertaking, and as Lauren who wrote the above says: TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!

So my tips, for those who are drawn to unusual and unique names:

1. Imagine your child in old age.

Is the name one you can grow old with?  Does it tell a story?  Or is it too cute? Is the the name for a sweet little old lady, or an old lady with spunk?  Is this the name for a cranky old fart, or man who lights up the room?

2. What does the name mean?

Is the meaning special, historic or does it invoke some kind of image?

3. How many variables does the name have?

Can it be shortened? Lengthened? altered?
Do you intend to name the child with a formal name, but use a nickname?
Can the name be jokified?  How does it pair up with your chosen middle name/s and surname?  Do the initials spell anything?

4. Spell-ability

If you like the sound of a name, but it seems too ordinary, seriously consider the creative spellings.  Whilst it might be interesting and unique, will it be problematic?

With this in mind, we live in a multi-cultural society.  There are many unfamiliar names, and this will increase.  This is what makes life interesting and diverse.  Most people will at some point have to spell out their name, or repeat it several times.  My own name has many variations, despite being an old fashioned name.

If a name makes your heart sing and feels right for you, then go for it!

Names can be changed.

And there are some official rules that apply.  This blogger did the leg work and unveils the rules for us.

However you go about naming your child, whether the name is set early, or you take the full 60 days after birth to decide on a name, the choice is yours.  If it makes it through the official channels, then congratulations.


you are awesome

Read the poem What’s in a name?

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