When death is not an option

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The parallels between birthing and dying I have long fascinated me.  My Birth Map is to birth, as an Advanced Care Directive is to death.

The thought that death must be avoided,  is a last resort,  is always a tragedy,  and anything natural is stupid or insane, disturbs me.  We do not honour dying or death.  We try to hide it, avoid confronting it and outsource it’s management.  Death is not an option.


Medically you can ‘refuse treatment’.  This implies immortality is expected.   The language of refusal implies it is the wrong choice,  a negative. Is it inconsiderate of the skills of the physician to refuse?   Or are we putting too much pressure on the medically trained to triumph over death?

The trouble with consent


When do we ‘allow’ death?

When do we intervene?

When should we ‘accept fate’?

And stop the machine?

Who decides?

And when?

Who ensures?

And how?

Are decisions heart based?

Or does insurance say?

Are decisions fear driven?

Or informed without sway?

Who decides?

And when?

Who ensures?

And how?

Once death is achieved. ..

Will you be burned or buried?

Is it that simple?


Have you thought about it?




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