Who’s chores?

I heard an unwell woman say “I’m grateful to [my male spouse]

He does all my chores; He cooks and cleans the house!”

Have a golden sticker, you are an awesome chap

Doing all her chores for her; Let us stand to clap.

What a modern guy you are, if in sickness only

To take on the womanly chores; happy matrimony.

An astronaut interviewed from space about her experiment with fluid,

Was interrupted to be asked:  “Does your husband do it?”

The ‘it’ in question was her housework far below on Earth,

Implying she was neglecting the duties of her hearth.

These everyday chores do not belong to women alone

Hearing these all too recent stories makes me groan

This might seem very simple, but we can not ignore

The sexism that envelopes the very basic chore.




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