Why aren’t more people asking why?

Are you a questioner? or are you happy with the Status Quo?
Are you a questioner? or are you happy with the Status Quo?

You feel like you have made an Informed Decision, you have agonised over your options, after first insisting that there HAD to be another option. Never one to accept the Status Quo, you ask – WHY?

If someone tells you you HAVE TO or you SHOULD BE, this makes you ask – WHY?

It can be exhausting, always questioning, and it can be isolating.
For many of us asking why, we have experienced belittling, dismissive remarks or even outright aggression for simply wanting to understand.

And yet, you continue to ask.

You keep asking because you know how wonderful it will be when you understand and can be confident your decisions are informed or your situation is all it can be.

You ask because you know it is worth it. Your experience is important to you, it builds you, shapes you, affects you, IT IS YOU!

But you are left with one unanswered question.

Why aren’t more people asking why? 

Sometimes, unkindly, we refer to the general population as the ‘sheeple’. The unquestioning, seemingly content body of people who accept the Status Quo and happily hand over their autonomy to the authorities (that is: the ‘qualified’ people). This absolutely appals those who do ask why. It is difficult for a questioner to comprehend why the majority do not insist on answers or options.

There are a few thoughts here, on why people aren’t asking why.

This does not mean’ lack of’, this means that our education system is set up to make us into ‘good citizens’. This equates to being a patriotic, working, consumer; accepting of authority and observant of ‘qualifications’. For most people, the decisions are best left to those with appropriate qualifications. Now this doesn’t seem unreasonable. Surely this Qualified Person has done ample and varied research into their field and can be trusted to know. The reality, however, is that ‘P’s make degrees’ (What do you call a doctor that graduated at the bottom of the class?). Many qualifications require on going learning – there is no end. If you cease the ongoing learning, you cease being qualified. 
What many people don’t realise, or appreciate, is that at school, or more so university, they learn How to Learn, and just because you haven’t been ‘tested’ doesn’t mean you can not understand or explore an area of interest or need. And you can ask the Qualified People for their thoughts: but it is just one way of gaining more information. 
To be a critical thinker is a valuable, and seemingly rare ability, but if you can read and ask questions – you are well on your way! 

Trust me!  I am better than you, I have a feather to prove it.  Image via MorgueFile.
Trust me! I am better than you, I have a feather to prove it. Image via MorgueFile.

For some people the thought of looking out of place, or standing against the majority appals them more than not understanding. They will accept majority rule, perhaps based on the assumption that if it is the majority, it must be right but mostly because it is human nature to want to belong; To be accepted and acceptable. 

Most people will just do what ‘has been done’, because of the assumption that it is tried and tested. It has always been that way. 

birth conveyor belt
When it comes to pregnancy, the unquestioning approach is prevalent.


The influence of our family is critical to how we accept or reject certain practises. This is our immediate culture and for many people the hierarchy of the family is not to be questioned. All uncertainties are referred to the head of the family, even if it is outside of the household. 

These three considerations are not exhaustive, as you, the questioner, know. They do, however, acknowledge why some people simply don’t ask why..and are happy.

The road less travelled? or the well trodden path? Which one's is your path of least resistance?
The road less travelled? or the well trodden path? Which one’s is your path of least resistance?

For some, the path of least resistance means accepting the status quo. It is when the status quo is not a good fit, that we find a better path.

We ask why, because the status quo is not our path of least resistance. We dance with joy when we find our path and discover others on it. That is where we find our belonging.

There are many valid pathways, some like crowds, some like solitude, some like a mix. The pathways criss cross and sometimes you have to cut your own.


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