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Each month, on the 17th,  I send out a newsletter, it is full of content from others as well as my own.  It covers a range of topics within the realm of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

In preparation for my next newsletter I have updated several posts my wordpress:

baby born on the side of the road I added a comment.  I had received critical feedback, which I felt needed to be addressed.

This poetic post: In Your Grandmother’s Womb based on the egg that you developed from.

It has been interesting revisiting some old posts.  There are two very old ones I want share with you, both from 2014. The Birth Tourist, is a poem and Without Questions there can be No Answers is a bit of a manifesto.  Written 4 years ago, it is just as crucial, perhaps even more so.
For something different, I am using both these posts to try out a new (to me) function: audio!
I recorded both these posts, if you prefer to listen: You will find the audio files here in my free Member Area on *.
Please let me know what you think.

2014 also saw me start a series on Mothering ‘trends’ from the 40’s until now.  And in revisiting the two previous posts, I found this unfinished series and completed them (they include poems):
King of the Babies: Mothering in the 40s and 50s
The Coming of Spock: Mothering in the 60s
The Continuum Concept – The Future of Mothering?


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