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In 2019 the NSW State Gov, will start giving out the ‘baby bundle’.
Read about it here:

This baby bundle is COSTING us money, to give something that no one needs. It won’t save money.

I have been told over and over that the government can not be seen to endorse one thing over another, for example – My very awesome book, over say, another birth preparation book (even though there is none that compares). There are committees to check out possible procurement, and rightly so. WE would not want OUR government to throw OUR money in the wrong direction and without due diligence (for example:

I have a SOLUTION, one that could save money for the government, improve outcomes for families and the working environment for midwives. It is based on sound science, and won’t cost a lot.

Instead of an expensive ‘baby bundle’…a ‘pregnancy package’ that encourages informed decision making…and yes my book is the obvious feature.

Women, and their partners, should not have to fumble along, risking an at best mediocre and at worst traumatic birth experience that impacts their parenting experience. The first birth is a major transitional is not just one day.

The very simple act of providing THE QUESTIONS to ask, facilitating informed discussions with care provides, has the potential to improve the maternity experience for all involved.

Our focus on ‘informed’ consent has skipped the very important step of choice. By skipping to consent, we are creating a platform where one choice is displayed as ‘right’, and others are either not displayed or dismissed as ‘wrong’. Consent assumes and coerces the yes. Respectful maternity care is diverse and supportive, and allows time for discussion and personal exploration. We need to know the questions in order to do this. Modern birthing is a medical environment, whether medical care is required or not. Navigating this without a Map is like moving through a labyrinth of changing walls. Guessing our way, trying to determine who to trust, second guessing and feeling vulnerable.

With a map, the walls are removed. And we can reclaim our power. We can make informed decisions feeling confident we have all the information we need to apply to our unique circumstances.

There is no one way.

We all have the right to determine the best pathways for ourselves.

Please follow the thread, and ‘talk about the birth map’.

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