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Forget the Birth Plan – Your Need a Birth Map

Most people hear ‘birth plan’ and think of something set in stone, something that has to be followed to the letter and has no room for error. Something that is inflexible, rigid and ultimately impossible to achieve. Birth is unpredictable, so surely it is pointless to plan. 
This leaves you with two options:

1. Hand over your power and be a ‘good girl’.  Don’t ask complicated questions, just do as you are told, no need to worry your pretty little head with the details.
2. Create a Birth MAP. 

What do you need?

Frozen II is a tale of Power, of Leadership and of Change.There are many layers to Frozen II.  Elsa’s journey of self discovery weaves through a tale of transformation for each of the main characters.  The story throws the spotlight on the destructiveness of the patriarchy, showing us the differences between Authoritative Dictatorship (familiar to us all) and Peaceful Leadership (a pipe dream, perhaps only seen in New Zealand?).  Frozen II is about Journeys and Love.In […]

Diplomacy, politeness and the underlying threat

The Poem ‘want a positive birth? say please‘ was inspired by the frequent advice related to how to write a birth plan, that suggests you be polite, positive.  And not adversarial. The scene is set: clearly birthing is Us vs Them.  And there is no shortage of horror stories. The purpose of the birth plan, …

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The Best Plan is No Plan…or is it?

  You may have heard that “The Best Plan is No Plan”, because: Birth is unpredictable, a birth plan = high expectations…but instead of lowering them…how about having no expectations!  Birth plans set you up for disappointment, you must be open to whatever unfolds…. This is actually a very interesting point, as behavioural specialist Ray …

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The trouble with Consent: Webinar

July 19th 2019 8pm AEST (a recording will be available afterwards in the free member area) The Trouble with Consent in Childbirth and How to Fix it Our insurance driven, medicalised maternity system is giving lip service to women’s rights in the form of ‘informed consent’.  The trouble with this is that women are rarely …

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