The Birth Map: Boldly going where no birth plan has gone before

A Birth Map a powerful document that works like a ‘choose your own adventure’, where the birthing woman is the author.  It benefits women, their partners and the Care Provider.​​
Knowing what to ask, and being able to ask well in advance, means freedom to explore the options. Understanding the various pathways and how they intertwine, means the power to make Informed Decisions.  


Section One: The Insights,
 gives the foundations for understanding the maternity system and your options within it. 

Section Two: The Questions, takes you through each pathway (fast birth, expected and contingency).  This is where the personal Birth Map is developed.  The advanced care directive approach creates an ‘if this, then that’ series of decisions to be used by your birth team and care providers during your labour.  It is your birth, your way, no matter what. 

Section Three: beyond the birth, provides a reality check and helps to set up a support network for the early days of parenting.  This section covers preparing for siblings, ‘what is normal’ and breastfeeding. 

An appendix completes the book, giving you a glossary of medical terms, a list of recommended reading, and considerations for special circumstances.   

The print book has been designed to be written in, with space to make notes, add affirmations, decorate it.  Journal in it.  There are pages dedicated to Your Birth Story.  

The Birth Map is linked to the portal of resources and a hub of support.​ ​

The book is available as a PDF (below) or in kindle format from Amazon. Print copies can also be ordered direct from me below, or direct from the wholesaler (which is best for non-Australian and bulk purchases). The Birth Mapping kit combines the book with The Game of Birth.