Catherine The Birth Cartographer

My name is Catherine. I am a Mother. My Passion is Informed Decisions; My Mission is to help People preparing for birth and parenting to make them. I am undertaking a PhD: The Birth Map - Facilitating Communication and Informed Decision Making in Maternity Services. Here you will find my book 'The Birth Map' and my Birth Cartography Courses. You will also find My Thoughts. My Feelings. My Reflections. The things that hit my radar and compel me to share. There are no conclusions because You will draw your own conclusions. There is No One Way.

Context-based Maternity Care

We hear a lot about evidence-based care, but just as with ‘share-decision making’, it is often misunderstood. Evidence-based care is comprised of 4 components: The best available research evidence (ie population level understanding, which requires multiple sources) The level of skills, training and experience of the care provider The values and circumstances of the decision …

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Baby Led Weaning (Introducing Solids)

Research strongly supports exclusive breastfeeding for 6mths (WHO guidelines are quite specific and say 180 days).  At this point, introducing family foods whilst continuing primarily breastfeeding is recommended. There is only one rule when it comes to baby-led weaning: watch your baby eat!  Allow your baby to play with whatever food takes their fancy.  No need …

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Understanding ‘Fed is Best’: Information and Marketing (3 facts and a warning)

Lactivists and breastfeeding supporters are often criticised for forcing the issue, or ‘guilting’ mums in some way.  They may even be accused of having some sort of agenda.  It is important to see through this emotional ‘debate’ to the facts beneath it.  Breastfeeding is biologically normal. The lactivist does not stand to benefit personally from …

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Maternal IV Fluids and Weight Loss in Newborns

If your baby is born in a hospital, there may be a sense of urgency to weigh the baby. This is not an evidence based practise, but rather a clinical habit that may cause harm.The evidence supports an uninterrupted period of skin to skin contact between mother and child of at least an hour. This …

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