Catherine The Birth Cartographer

My name is Catherine. I am a Mother. My Passion is Informed Decisions; My Mission is to help People preparing for birth and parenting to make them. I am undertaking a PhD: The Birth Map - Facilitating Communication and Informed Decision Making in Maternity Services. Here you will find my book 'The Birth Map' and my Birth Cartography Courses. You will also find My Thoughts. My Feelings. My Reflections. The things that hit my radar and compel me to share. There are no conclusions because You will draw your own conclusions. There is No One Way.

unconscious bias

In all communication there is bias. Theirs. Yours. Others. Our bias reflects our values, experiences, fears, education, religion, age, upbringing, politics… These biases will influence how we treat…or mistreat…another. This can make collaboration difficult, especially when a power imbalance creates a bias that suggests one party has authority over another. Unchecked, it can cloud our …

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The Birth of a Mother

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