Preparing for Caesarean

The following is an excerpt from The Birth Map: boldly going where no birth plan has gone before The medical terms used to describe pre-labour caesareans are ‘planned’, ‘elective’ or ‘scheduled’.  Any in-labour caesarean is deemed an ‘emergency caesarean’.  However in the interests of clarity, there are degrees of urgency. From ‘Pregnancy, Birth and Baby: …

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Is there such a thing as forced professional passivity?

In this video, I challenge a recent paper, “Second Victims in Maternity Care – The Hidden Fallout of Parental Birth Plans”, that raised some concerns for me. Hidden? or non-existent? or disrespectful? The merging of consent with compliance is alarming. You need to comply/consent, or you’ll hurt the feelings of the one seeking your consent/approval. …

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You are the Expedition Leader

Preparing for Birth is like preparing to climb Mount Everest, but with much more chance of success and a lot more warmth! When climbing Everest, a Sherpa is an essential part of your team. They know the landscape, the climate and remain calm and alert. In Birth, a doula is like a sherpa. The doula is familiar with the location, the people and the physiology, remaining calm and alert, guiding and supporting you.

Humanised Birth: the minimal standard

Our current approach to maternity is far short of what the minimal for maternity should be. In a society that values mothers, we would see a minimal standard based on compassion, connection and confidence. We would be celebrating and honouring the transformation, and doing everything we could to ensure women transition whole and powerful. We …

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