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Maternal IV Fluids and Weight Loss in Newborns

If your baby is born in a hospital, there may be a sense of urgency to weigh the baby. This is not an evidence based practise, but rather a clinical habit that may cause harm.The evidence supports an uninterrupted period of skin to skin contact between mother and child of at least an hour. This …

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The trouble with science

There once was a self-declared expert and leader Who took on the role of information feeder He feed us the news As we sat in our pews Believing he was the bullshit weeder. Not the best limerick, granted…but it expresses my feelings right now.  That my feelings are in limerick form highlight the ridiculousness of …

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What do you Need?

Frozen II is a tale of Power, of Leadership and of Change. There are many layers to Frozen II.  Elsa’s journey of self discovery weaves through a tale of transformation for each of the main characters.  The story throws the spotlight on the destructiveness of the patriarchy, showing us the differences between Authoritative Dictatorship (familiar to …

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seen. not heard.

seen. not heard. obedient. unquestioning. confined. bound. safe? seen. not heard. controlled. authorised. approved. convinced. brainwashed? seen. not heard. afraid. unsure. reliant. compliant. seen. herd.   seen. heard. respected encouraged supported capable compassionate? seen. heard. innovative creative supportive confident critical. seen. heard. brave certain sane humane seen not herd.  

Diplomacy, politeness and the underlying threat

The Poem ‘want a positive birth? say please‘ was inspired by the frequent advice related to how to write a birth plan, that suggests you be polite, positive.  And not adversarial. The scene is set: clearly birthing is Us vs Them.  And there is no shortage of horror stories. The purpose of the birth plan, …

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Is snow clearing sexist?

How ingrained is the male default?  Is it filtering into AI? Check out this news story about sexist snow clearing, which asks these questions. It got me thinking… where else does the masculine default impact the abilities of women? Where else could a simple re-ordering not only improve experiences for women (without impacting the default greatly), …

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The Best Plan is No Plan…or is it?

  You may have heard that “The Best Plan is No Plan”, because: Birth is unpredictable, a birth plan = high expectations…but instead of lowing them…how about having no expectations!  Birth plans set you up for disappointment, you must be open to whatever unfolds…. This is actually a very interesting point, as behavioural specialist Ray …

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The Right to Life and Family

This post looks at the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  This declaration was made on Dec 10th 1948 – in response to WWII. Interpretation, thanks to the wonderfully complex and diverse human mind, means that even though these have been written with great care…perhaps sometimes they are misused? A short note on the language of the …

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