Birth with Dignity

“Leave your dignity at the door”


What does this mean?

This was a bit of ‘sage’ advice I received when preparing for my first birth. I took it to mean,

“don’t worry about being naked in front of strangers,

because you are giving birth,

and that is your focus…”

but ….

the more I learn, the more I hear, the more loaded this simple piece of advice becomes.

What is dignity?

One online dictionary offers this:

The quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect.

Leave your sense of worth at the door? Don’t expect respect?

Oh that is bad. very bad.

Be a ‘good patient’, let the hero-care provider think for you, you are nothing more than a vessel for the baby. You matter not. What matters is a healthy baby.

This is BAD. VERY BAD.

If your care provider does not treat you with respect, does not ‘allow’ you your dignity: find a different care provider.

4 thoughts on “Birth with Dignity”

  1. That’s terrifying that people actually utter that phrase! You’d think in 2014 dignity is something most people would value; someone telling a woman in that situation that she shouldn’t have dignity (or respect for herself) is insensitive.

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