You are the Expedition Leader

Preparing for Birth is like preparing to climb Mount Everest, but with much more chance of success and a lot more warmth! When climbing Everest, a Sherpa is an essential part of your team. They know the landscape, the climate and remain calm and alert. In Birth, a doula is like a sherpa. The doula is familiar with the location, the people and the physiology, remaining calm and alert, guiding and supporting you.

Have you ever wondered why we submit to authority?

Why do we do as we are told, even if it seems ridiculous, if we perceive them to have authority? Dr Chris and Dr Xand set up an experiment (probably based on the Milgram Experiment).​After seeing this segment whilst my children watched the ​Operation Ouch program, I was prompted to look into this phenomenon when it comes to …

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Autonomy in Childbirth – Why it Matters

Many women don’t seem to realise they CAN question the doctor, let alone seek another opinion or change care providers. As a society, we have been groomed to unquestionably trust the doctor. This patriarchal model of medical care works very efficiently and assumes everyone has the same values, needs and abilities. This patriarchal model places …

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The trouble with science

There once was a self-declared expert and leader Who took on the role of information feeder He feed us the news As we sat in our pews Believing he was the bullshit weeder. Not the best limerick, granted…but it expresses my feelings right now.  That my feelings are in limerick form highlight the ridiculousness of …

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The elephant in the womb

The elephant in the room flashed with a neon light A glaring glow, a warning of a plight. Ignored so long, in the florescent gloom, hidden in plain sight, The elephant watched quietly, all through the night. The elephant observed an awful lot of fright, The cries for help, for relief, from contractions that bite. …

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Preventing Post Natal Anxiety and Depression

I was talking to someone about ‘birth disappointment’ the other day, and was told “women should not have such high expectations! Honestly women these days are just so fragile”.  I took a deep breath before responding. If a healthy woman is expecting a ‘normal birth’ that is not a high expectation.  That is a reasonable and minimal expectation.  It is not ‘fragile’ to be disappointed by a birth that does not met this expectation.  For women to lower their expectation […]