Five Stages of Being

At first I was afraid, I was petrified.  The dogs, of any size or breed, had me terrified.  But I learned how to move away and supported by my friends, I grew strong.  And now I can get along.  No dogs scares me. No dog scares me!  I learned how to understand and no longer live with fear, I feel strong, it has no hold on me.

But it took time.

So much time.

And I could not have gotten here without friends by my side.  They showed me how.  They did not jest.  They were never cruel or put me to the test.  They showed me love and I learned how to move away.   Away from fear, I found I could tolerate, and then accept, and now I understand.  There is still room.  Room to grow, I can see the possibility.  So THANK YOU!  To my friends.  Thank you to my friends for helping me.

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