Timing of Birth

Across Australia, we are seeing the roll out of the ‘Safer Baby Bundle’. This is an initiative to reduce stillbirth. This is an obviously noble goal, with five key areas of focus in the form of hashtagable social messaging. The five key areas are: #Quit4Baby #GrowingMatters #MovementsMatter #SleeponSide #LetsTalkTiming As I explored the resources associated …

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The Maternity Crisis in Australia is worsening:

why the silence? One in three Australian mothers experience physical and emotional birth trauma.  One in 10 emerges with post-traumatic stress disorder. For many it begins with induction.  From there women are at risk of the cascade of consent.  First time mothers have over 40% chance of induced birth.  Between 2000 and 2016 induction of labour …

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Have you ever wondered why we submit to authority?

Why do we do as we are told, even if it seems ridiculous, if we perceive them to have authority? Dr Chris and Dr Xand set up an experiment (probably based on the Milgram Experiment).​After seeing this segment whilst my children watched the ​Operation Ouch program, I was prompted to look into this phenomenon when it comes to …

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Birth beyond Leboyer

The Year was 1975.​It was International Women’s Year.  Colour TV came to Australia and The Netherlands won Eurovision with ‘Ding-a-dong’.It was the year Frederick Leboyer published Birth without Violence. In the led up to 1975, women fought to be heard. In the 45 years since, the fight continues.Whilst gains have been made, some very fundamental needs have been neglected.  And not for lack of voices.By 1975, the way we were born had changed dramatically.  Fr […]

Birth – is it a matter of luck

Birth, for the modern human, is not without difficulty.  Does a positive birth come down to luck,​or is it a matter of Good Management? or could it be something else? We are high-level thinkers and social beings…this impacts our ability to birth.  Some women experience birth without the need for assistance.  And some women are …

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The Game of Birth

There is an unspoken reality lurking in the undertones of maternity care.It is sinister and unconscious, a toxic unawareness that seeps into all communications and puts the weight of expectation onto The Woman.I will call this The Game of Birth. The Elephant in the Womb. The unspoken rules of the maternity system. It is a game about power, about control. A game of Dark and Light.  The aim of the game is to keep it light.   The rules are simple, but never implicit.&nbs […]