Is there such a thing as forced professional passivity?

In this video, I challenge a recent paper, “Second Victims in Maternity Care – The Hidden Fallout of Parental Birth Plans”, that raised some concerns for me. Hidden? or non-existent? or disrespectful? The merging of consent with compliance is alarming. You need to comply/consent, or you’ll hurt the feelings of the one seeking your consent/approval. …

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Humanised Birth: the minimal standard

Our current approach to maternity is far short of what the minimal for maternity should be. In a society that values mothers, we would see a minimal standard based on compassion, connection and confidence. We would be celebrating and honouring the transformation, and doing everything we could to ensure women transition whole and powerful. We …

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The con in consent

As the sexual revolution expelled it’s sex positive culture with ‘compulsory sexuality’, devoid of morals and responsibility, all we need is a yes and anything – anything- goes. Choking, and other violent acts of violation are becoming normalised as the pornification of society screams yes…even when they want to say no.

meanwhile, in maternity, The medicalisation of birth is marching fast towards complete dehumanisation. We can do anything, so we now redefine normal and slip all too willingly into a capitalist approach to reproduction. No longer about birth and transformation, women or mothers; babies are a product of an industry so focussed on yes, they have forgotten that no is an option. Just as the sexual revolution made sexuality compulsory, modern maternity has made medicalisation compulsory.

The Maternity Crisis in Australia is worsening:

why the silence? One in three Australian mothers experience physical and emotional birth trauma.  One in 10 emerges with post-traumatic stress disorder. For many it begins with induction.  From there women are at risk of the cascade of consent.  First time mothers have over 40% chance of induced birth.  Between 2000 and 2016 induction of labour …

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Have you ever wondered why we submit to authority?

Why do we do as we are told, even if it seems ridiculous, if we perceive them to have authority? Dr Chris and Dr Xand set up an experiment (probably based on the Milgram Experiment).​After seeing this segment whilst my children watched the ​Operation Ouch program, I was prompted to look into this phenomenon when it comes to …

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