Have you NOTICEd something?

NoticeBeing pushed out of our comfort zone may be an opportunity to stretch our horizons or reinforce a boundary. The key is knowing WHY and responding with confidence. nOticeThe feeling of offence is our processors signally that this new information needs to be carefully considered before making a determination. There is No One Way..your offence …

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why do we need birth preparation and support?

Have you ever heard, or even said: It would be great if we didn’t need doulas or I wish we didn’t need birth plans Like ‘leave your dignity at the door’, these statements are not quite what we think they are. What would it look like to not need a doula? would this mean a …

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The con in consent

As the sexual revolution expelled it’s sex positive culture with ‘compulsory sexuality’, devoid of morals and responsibility, all we need is a yes and anything – anything- goes. Choking, and other violent acts of violation are becoming normalised as the pornification of society screams yes…even when they want to say no.

meanwhile, in maternity, The medicalisation of birth is marching fast towards complete dehumanisation. We can do anything, so we now redefine normal and slip all too willingly into a capitalist approach to reproduction. No longer about birth and transformation, women or mothers; babies are a product of an industry so focussed on yes, they have forgotten that no is an option. Just as the sexual revolution made sexuality compulsory, modern maternity has made medicalisation compulsory.

What is negative politeness?

Politeness, manners, respect. These are the cornerstones of a functional society. Being kind, acknowledging others and listening are all considered reasonable. However. Women and children are subject to different politeness requirements. And not just to be ‘nice’ but to smile and acknowledge ‘our place’ as lesser. This politeness means we make room and allowances for …

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What do you need?

Frozen II is a tale of Power, of Leadership and of Transformation. There are many layers to Frozen II; Elsa’s journey of self discovery weaves through a tale of transformation for each of the main characters. The story throws the spotlight on the destructiveness of the patriarchy, showing us the differences between Authoritative Dictatorship (familiar to us all) and Peaceful Leadership (a pipe dream, perhaps, but not impossible). Frozen II is about Journeys and Love.In […]