Birth Cartographer Training for Birth Workers

This comprehensive training is for those birth workers looking to enhance and support the decision making process with their clients in birth and beyond.

Explore the importance of language, discover The Game of Birth and develop new skills to facilitate communication and informed decision making in maternity care.

This training is provided by Catherine Bell, creator of The Birth Map, trained doula and Science Communicator undertaking a PhD in Birth Cartography.

The Trouble with Consent and the Benefits of Birth Cartography
Understand consumer perspective of consent, risk and choice. Understand the concept of birth cartography and its key elements and benefits.

Informed Decision Making, General Considerations, The Partner Perspective and The Fast Birth Pathway
Understand decision making from a consumer perspective, the concept of the fast birth pathway, and how it benefits birth preparation.  Apply this to your practice.  Understand the partner perspective and analyse the impact this has on outcomes.  Evaluate decision making, and begin to create a birth map. 

The Vaginal and Caesarean Pathway and Beyond the Birth
Understand the pathways from a consumer perspective, and apply this by analysing a holistic appreciation of individual care and evaluating circumstances to support consumers in creating an individual birth map for use during labour.  Create communication tools to enhance practice, creating effective and efficient appointments.  Understand the varied nature of the newborn phase and matrescence and how to apply education antenatally, create new methods and networks particular to own practice to enhance education and support within own community. 

Putting it into Practice
learn how to play The Game of Birth and create a landscape overview particular to your practice within the context of individualised birth. We will Consolidate all the sessions, and take the opportunity to clarify or grow concepts.

There are four ways to access this training:

informed. supported. confident.

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