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What would you do?

A health care directive contains many decisions,  for various what ifs.   Including explicit instructions regarding what will happen with your remains, beyond burial vs cremation, is very helpful.   There are ethical considerations,  and if you do not express your decisions, others will be left to decide.

Stop and Smell the Baby

How soon after having a baby can you expect ‘return to normal’?

The truth is you will never return to normal, instead you will redefine normal.

From the moment you discover you are pregnant, you begin to change.  Not just physically, but your entire being is altered. This is called Matrescence.

unconscious bias

In all communication there is bias. Theirs. Yours. Others. Our bias reflects our values, experiences, fears, education, religion, age, upbringing, politics… These biases will influence how we treat…or mistreat…another. This can make collaboration difficult, especially when a power imbalance creates a bias that suggests one party has authority over another. Unchecked, it can cloud our …

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This blog is a collection of articles written or compiled by Catherine Bell. Generally, these posts cover topics relate to pregnant, birth and mothering. Maternal feminism is a common theme, as is informed decision making. As with any blog, these are my thoughts, my ideas, my poems…you are encouraged to draw your own conclusions. There is No One Way.

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