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BIRTH CARTOGRAPHER ONLINE TRAINING IS HERE!   I am trying to capture all the awesome of face to face training and more, by creating an informative and conversational space.  This is a space where you will evolve; that revolutionary spark that is simmering within you will roar into action, as you have the tools to change the course of maternity care.

This training is available worldwide, to birth workers supporting birth and beyond.  As a birth worker you will be able to weave it into your practice, wherever you are, to provide your clients the means confidently make informed decisions.

Discover the ways of The Birth Cartographer, and develop practical tools to create an environment that leads to informed, supported and confident birthing.

This revolutionary approach to birth preparation is so stunningly simply to implement, and yet extraordinarily powerful.

Are you ready to boldly go where no birth plan has gone before?

The Birth Map is the creation of Catherine Bell – a Mother of four, with a masters of Science Communication, who trained as a doula and breastfeeding educator in order to reclaim the knowledge that is our birth right. In observing that standard maternity care means women’s reasonable expectations are considered unrealistic, she sought to bridge the gap. The birth plan, a tool intended to give agency and aid communication, was falling short. Catherine developed a new tool, building on the intent of the birth plan, working within the context of standard care to help women to unleash the power they hold within by giving them the means to take responsibility. From here, she saw that maternity care providers were just as eager to see this gap closed: and Birth Cartography evolved. Birth Cartography gives care providers the foundation to build relationships based in respectful maternity care, with effective communication in order to create an environment for informed decision making.

This course includes access to all the content needed to become a Birth Cartographer and a forum to provide an engaging, community building environment.

This self paced course is designed to be completed over 4 weeks (estimated at 2 – 3 hours per week). At the end of each topic there is a communication task to complete.

Once a month a live and interactive session via zoom enhances the course. Two different times are available for these sessions, in order to accommodate the global nature of this course.  You can attend as many as you need to as you move through the modules.  At the very least, it is recommended you join one after registering and again as you complete the content.

You will have access for one year, with an option to renew annually for $50.

In addition to the course content, registration to the online course gives you:

  • access to the member area (read a digital copy of The Birth Map and play the digital Game of Birth)
  • Monthly zoom chat opportunity
  • access to a growing online community and network via the forum
  • discounted access to a zoom intensive training (save 70% and receive $80 of resources: The Game of Birth and a copy of The Birth Map)
  • access to sharable content created within the network

Birth Cartographer® Online Training with Catherine Bell

This course is designed to be paced over 4 weeks, with optional 1 hour zoom calls on the fourth Friday on each month. Participants can join anytime, and work through at the speed that suits them.  You will be awarded your certificate of completion once you have completed all the modules.  You are invited to maintain your access and interaction in the group, and are welcome to attend as many zooms as you enjoy, as we build our networks and this online community for birth cartography.

Topic title Estimated Topic duration (mins) Learning Outcomes to be covered Opportunities for interactivity Suggested Tasks Opportunities for feedback
The trouble with consent

Benefits of Birth Cartography

90min plus 1 optional live hour Understand consumer perspective of consent, risk and choice. Understand the concept of birth cartography and its key elements and benefits. Game of Birth Activity Live 1 hr
Attend live welcome, forum interactiontask Via forum and email
Informed Decision Making

The Fast Birth Pathway

The Partner Perspective

90min Understand decision making from a consumer perspective Understand the concept of the fast birth pathway, and how it benefits birth preparation.  Apply this to your practice.  Understand the partner perspective and analyse the impact this has on outcomes.  Evaluate decision making, and begin to create a birth map. forum Forum interaction, create a social media or blog post (or share one of Catherine’s) Via forum and email
General Considerations

The Vaginal and Caesarean Pathway

90min Understand the pathways from a consumer perspective, apply this into practise by analysing wholistic appreciation of individual care and evaluating circumstances to support consumers in the creation of an individual birth map for use during labour.  Create communication tools to enhance practice, creating effective and efficient appointments. forum Forum interaction, create or share a social media or blog post Via forum and email
Beyond the Birth 30min Understand the wholistic and varied nature of the newborn phase, Understand matrescence and applying education antenatally to support this phase.  Create new methods and networks particular to own practice to enhance education and support within own community. forum Forum interaction, create or share a social media or blog post Via forum and email
Putting it into Practice 60min plus 1 live hour Creating a landscape overview particular to your practice, within the context of individualised birth.  Consolidates all the sessions, provides opportunity to clarify or grow concepts Game of Birth Activity Live 1 hr forum map, forum interaction, attend live Via forum and email
Once registered you will have access for a year, with an option to renew on an annual basis.  Renewing each year will help you to continue building your skills and networks, along with renewing your listing in the directory.
I am very excited about the potential of this course, and look forward to meeting you there!


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