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This space provides resources and a closed forum to discuss the The Birth Map, the process of Birth Cartography®, informed decision making and life beyond birth. It is Your Community. This is a growing space. Once a month (on the 4th Friday) there are zoom chats.

You can also read The Birth Map and play The Game of Birth (online version). In joining the Member Access area, you will receive a monthly update from Catherine.


16 reviews for Member Access

  1. Christina

    I’m excited for baby number 3 and having more tools for my toolbox to assist during labour/birth.

    • Catherine The Birth Cartographer

      Welcome Christina!

  2. Danielle

    Heard great things about this

  3. Julia Willoughby

    Catherine’s book offers fantastic guidance for the pregnant women in my prenatal yoga classes and Active Birth Workshops

  4. Debra Wakefield

    Great tool for birth education

  5. Kasey Biggar

    I look forward to diving in deeper with birth cartography – a wonderful way to explore making informed decisions about birth.

  6. Craig Davenport

    Love it

  7. Agia Nenke

    Cant give a review yet as I am only just logging in for the first time

  8. Chelsea (verified owner)

    Thanks for making the game of birth. FTM 33weeks with GD diagnosis and it’s helpful to consider how it might pan out, not just how I’d like it to.

  9. Jessica

    Looking forward to accessing these resources

  10. Waleska

    Thank you for creating such an entertaining way of exploring birth options.

  11. Nicola

    Sounds helpful not revived as yet

  12. Hadassah Adler


  13. Hannah

    Excited to play the Birth mapping game!

  14. Catherine Philbrick

    Looking forward to it.

  15. Sarah Callaghan

    Unbelievably helpful and absolutely genius!

  16. Nicola Dougherty

    Great resource for my clients

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