The Continuum Concept….the future of Mothering?


In the 1970’s Jean Liedloff, Anthropologist, gave us the continuum concept.

If you haven’t read it, get your hands on a copy!

This is Evolutionary parenting.  It just makes sense.

As we shift from King and through Spock,

The Continuum Concept came with Liedloff.

Going back to where we all started

Before from biology we parted

But was it too much culture shock?

Even though it has been nearly 50 years since The Continuum Concept was published (in 1975), the ideas in the book are still considered ‘alternative’.  Mainstream parenting is still swinging between Truby (the Sleep Trainers, extreme right, adult-focused) and Spock (the middle of the road – good enough – child focused).  The Continuum Concept is for the ‘crunchy’, ‘hippe’, ‘paleo’ extremists who are rejecting mainstream ideas and living ‘alternative lifestyles’.  These non-consumerist, non-conformist people who think for themselves are embracing the Concept…even if they do not realise it.  At its core, the Continuum Concept is intuitive, love based, attachment.  Parents are guides, providing opportunity, mentoring and respect.  Ideas like ‘Elimination Communication‘ and attachment theory (with its many spruikers, the most famous is probably Dr Sears), baby wearing and cosleeping.

For many modern parents, this is too much.  For many families the reality is full time work, schooling and childcare, organised activities and financial pressures.  The  pressures of this parenting approach can seem overwhelming and incompatible with the busyness of modern life.  Embracing the Continuum Concept means stepping away from mainstream culture, which is extremely difficult.  But not impossible.

We are now, with maternal feminism building, on the verge of another shift.  It is not about having to follow a particular way.  It is about embracing the diversity, and having the freedom to decide what is best for your own family.

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