Why we shouldn’t promote breastfeeding.

GUEST POST by Kim Lock – Breastfeeding: Promote or Protect?

PictureKim Lock, pictured with her youngest in 2012,  is the author of three novels, and is currently working on her fourth (I can’t wait! She is one of my favourite authors).  She is a long time advocate of women’s rights – particularly in breastfeeding.

Explore more about Kim on her author website (with links to her editorial writing), or rare-to-post but very awesome blog and her facebook page.  Send her some love, buy her awesome books and tell her I sent you!

What follows is an excerpt of a post originally written on Kim’s facebook page. It is shared here, with permission (and in full here).  Thank you Kim – your words are wise and need to be spread far and wide!

​Breastfeeding doesn’t need PROMOTION – it needs PROTECTION

It is safe to say that in the developed world at least, most parents know that breastfeeding is healthy. Yet globally, breastfeeding rates remain critically low. Despite years of pro-breastfeeding health initiatives, in Australia, less than 2 in 10 babies are exclusively breastfed to even five months.

Why? If breastfeeding is largely acknowledged as optimum, why are the majority of parents not doing it? The fact that formula is everywhere, along with the widely accepted message that breastfeeding is ‘hard’, would suggest an answer as being: Because breastfeeding often doesn’t work.

But from an evolutionary perspective, the mass failure of lactation makes no sense. If all of human history matched today’s rates of breastfeeding, it is implausible that our species could have survived, let alone thrived.

So an urgent and more fundamental question needs to be asked: Why are we so willing to believe that women’s bodies en masse simply don’t work?

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