Another day, Another Dave #notalldaves

A poem inspired by this article

Another day, another dave*, who knows best

This Dave sees a world full of misanthropists

And as a parliamentarian he is using all his power

To “call out double standards” that make men cower

If  ‘all men are rapists’, “stop shagging men” He cries

He then slut shames a senator, declaring ‘all lies’

Successfully he derails all debate and shifts the conversation

No longer are we focused on violence across our nation

His whataboutery and entitled distracting noise

Is the perfect ruse to shift focus from the boys

Those that stand with Dave refuse to see the truth

And in dismay the rest of us say ‘you don’t need to be a sleuth’

It is plainly elementary that violence is not okay

And it is not something to explain away

We need to face it head on – We need to stand together.

And aim for equality and make our culture better.


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